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Aural Polyps


Aural Polyps is a condition in which growth takes place in external ear canal. The growth is benign and fleshy and arises from surface lining of tympanic membrane or glands of the external ear canal.

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Chronic Infection either fungal or bacterial is considered as the main cause of the condition. Other causes are tumor, inflammation, foreign object and cholesteatoma. When a tube is placed in the eardrum, chronic reaction takes place, thus aural polyps can be caused by that also.

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Signs & Symptoms

Itching, pain in ear canal, etc. is considered as the main symptoms of the condition. Infected drainage can also occur. The symptoms occur due to infection.

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There is no prevention of the condition.

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Antifungal therapy Modern Medicine

Aural polyps are treated by antibiotic ear drop and topical steroid. For recurrent or chronic infections, steroids cream are most effective. If the condition is caused by fungal infection, antifungal creams and drops are recommended. Tube removal is opted in case ear drops do not provide any relief.

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