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Benign Ear Cyst Or Tumor


Benign ear cyst basically indicates the nonmalignant lumps or growths in the pinna or ear canal. These benign tumors may also be found in other parts of the ear. These benign tumors can be found even behind the ears and on the scalp of the patient. Bony tumors may also be seen in the ear canals.

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Benign ear cyst or tumor is mostly infested with sebaceous cysts. These cysts are sac-like collections of the dead skin cells and the oils produced by the oil glands that may be found inside the bulging of the skin. Most of the time, the cysts are produced when oils are produced in the skin glands of the ears much faster than the normal cases. The bony tumors are caused when the ears are exposed to cold water frequently. Bony tumors may paralysis the hearing ability of the patient.

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Signs & Symptoms

The patient suffering from benign ear cyst or tumor has the following symptoms:-

  • The patient may complain of pain in case the cyst lies outside the ear canal or is infected.
  • Small and soft lumps of skin may be found either in front or behind the ear.
  • The patient may also complain of gradual hearing loss in the infected ear.
  • He may also complain of ear discomfort.
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Benign ear cyst or tumor can’t be prevented.

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Surgery Modern Medicine

The treatment is generally not given in cases where the symptoms are mild in nature or there is no interference in the hearing ability of the patient. In case of painful cysts the surgery may be done to remove the cysts and antibiotics may also be administered to fight off the infection of the cyst.

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