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Occupational Hearing Loss


Occupational hearing loss is loss of hearing ability of inner ear due to occupation or some kind of entertainment.

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 Acoustic trauma caused by vibration of sound leads to damage. Sound above 90decibels, have vibrations intense enough causing damage to ear.


Some of the common occupations at high risk of damage are:


1)     Jobs involving loud machineries or loud music

2)     Farming

3)     Construction

4)     Airline ground maintenance

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Signs & Symptoms

Hearing loss (complete or partial) which gets worse with time. In some patients hearing loss is accompanied with tinnitus

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Do not listen to loud music for long time.

Always use protective measures like ear plugs or ear muffs, when exposed to very loud noises.

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Conservative treatment Modern Medicine

Loss in irreversible and permanent.

 Goal of treatment is to improve remaining hearing power use of hearing aids helps in improving communication

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