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Otosclerosis is a condition in which abnormal bone growth takes place in the middle ear that results in hearing loss. It is believed that those people who are suffering from the condition have abnormal sponge like bone that grows in the middle ear. Otosclerosis is counted as the most common cause of hearing loss (middle ear) in young adults. The condition commonly starts from mid-adulthood. The condition commonly affects both the ears and experienced by women more as compared to men.

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The main cause of the condition is unknown, but it is believed that the Otosclerosis runs from one family generation to another.

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Signs & Symptoms

Some of the common symptoms are:

  • Hearing loss which gets worse with the passage fo time
  • Ringing in the ears


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Surgery(stapedectomy) Modern Medicine

The condition gets worse with the time and needs treatment only when a person is experiencing severe hearing loss. Medications like vitamin D, calcium or fluoride help in slowing the rate of hearing loss.

By using hearing aid, an affected person can experience respite from the symptoms, though the aids do not prevent or cure the hearing loss.

Conductive hear loss is cured by performing surgery. In the surgery, a part of the ear is removed and replaces it with prosthesis. The surgery in which total replacement is done is known as stapedectomy.


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